85 Gallon Reptile Enclosures 48x24x18_Royal Purple

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About REPMAC 85G

The classic colors never go wrong

Beyond the basic tank: Stylish homes for your special reptiles.







  • Stand Columns | Aluminum
  • Screen Top | Steel with rustproof coated
  • Back & Bottom Panels | Premium PVC
  • Side Panels |Acrylic
  • Doors l Tempered glass
  • Grommet & Spacers |Plastic
"A bit more color, a bit more fun!"
Phailozoo reptile enclosure stackable, feature 3 Phailozoo reptile tanks stack together with 10'' stackers and 3'' spacers


You Could Customize Your Own Reptile Kingdom At Home!

Phailozoo 85 gallon purple reptile enclosure is design for easy maintenance with substrate barrier, door knobs and small door gap

Easy Maintenance

  • Sliding glass doors for easy access.
  • Substrate barrier to keep all the substrates inside the tank.
  • Glass doors with tight gaps decrease chances of escape and prevent small reptiles stuck dead in between door gaps.
  • Glass lock recommendation
A group of 3 bearded dragons lying on the rock and excited about to upgrade their home to Phailozoo 85 gallon bearded dragon enclosures

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Highlight Features

Safety and comfort come first, style and fun follows.

Phailozoo 85 gallon reptile enclosure in black color sitting in a desert background with a lot of great features, makes it the perfect arid bioactive enclosure for bearded dragon, pvc enclosure


· Anti-escape | Seamless, Door fully close.

Screen Top

· Well ventilated | Optimal air circulation.
· Optimal Lighting penetration | Allows full spectrum, UVB & UVA light penetration.
· Rustproof | Long-term use.
· Robust | Firmly woven mesh, could hold up to 40 lbs. · Pre-built | Pre-assembled top for easy installation.

Substrate Barrier

· Blocking substrates | Keep the corners clean.


· Gapless | Full retain of insects, retain heat.

Door Knob

· Clarity | No fingerprints all over.
· Built-in | Easy to open/close, and
easy for maintenance.

Phailozoo 85 gallon reptile enclosure in green color sitting in a tropical setting

Pre-built Silicone Sealed Bottom

· Sealed Up | Silicone Sealed Bottom for Improved structural strength, NOT LEAKPROOF. If building a bioactive enclosure a secondary silicone sealing is necessar!!!

Rigid Door - Glass

· Sliding Doors | For easy maintenance.
· Tempered Glass | Not shaky, doors do not overlap.
· Inextensible | Small reptiles would not stuck between door gaps.


· Customize | 6 on each side, highly customizable for wire use.

Substrate Depth

· Decorative | Enough room to place substrates both vertically & horizontally.

How to assemble Phailozoo reptile enclosures, assemble instructions for Phailozoo reptile tanks

Straightforward Assembly

Significantly easier to building it with our pre-assembled top and bottom. Don't forget to peel off all the protective sheets on back panel, both sides of side panels and substrate barrier.

Ideal Home For...

*It's important to provide individualized care for each type of reptile since their needs are vary.

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