85 Gallon Reptile Enclosures 48''x24''x18''_Ultimate Black

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About REPMAC 85G

The classic colors never goes wrong

The statement piece your reptile babe deserves.







  • Stand Columns | Aluminum
  • Screen Top | Steel with rustproof coated
  • Back & Bottom Panels | Premium PVC
  • Side Panels |Acrylic
  • Doors l Tempered glass
  • Grommet & Spacers |Plastic
"A bit more color, a bit more fun!"
Phailozoo 85 gallon reptile enclosure in black color sitting in a desert background with a lot of great features, makes it the perfect arid bioactive enclosure for bearded dragon, pvc enclosure


· Anti-escape | Seamless, Door fully close.

Screen Top

· Well ventilated | Optimal air circulation.
· Optimal Lighting penetration | Allows full spectrum, UVB & UVA light penetration.
· Rustproof | Long-term use.
· Robust | Firmly woven mesh, could hold up to 40 lbs. · Pre-built | Pre-assembled top for easy installation.

Substrate Barrier

· Blocking substrates | Keep the corners clean.


· Gapless | Full retain of insects, retain heat.

Door Knob

· Clarity | No fingerprints all over.
· Built-in | Easy to open/close, and
easy for maintenance.

Phailozoo 85 gallon reptile enclosure in green color sitting in a tropical setting

Pre-built Silicone Sealed Bottom

· Sealed Up | Silicone Sealed Bottom for Improved structural strength, NOT LEAKPROOF. If building a bioactive enclosure a secondary silicone sealing is necessary!!!

Rigid Door - Glass

· Sliding Doors | For easy maintenance.
· Tempered Glass | Not shaky, doors do not overlap.
· Inextensible | Small reptiles would not stuck between door gaps.


· Customize | 6 on each side, highly customizable for wire use.

Substrate Depth

· Decorative | Enough room to place substrates both vertically & horizontally.

Straightforward Assembly

Significantly easier to building it with our pre-assembled top and bottom. Don't forget to peel off all the protective sheets on back panel, both sides of side panels and substrate barrier.

Ideal Home For...

*It's important to provide individualized care for each type of reptile since their needs are vary.

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